The LibertyGives Foundation is a Colorado non-profit organization formed by Liberty Media in 2007 to encourage and promote charitable giving.  In 2010, the LibertyGives Foundation established a permanent theme for corporate giving: to support charities that address the needs of underprivileged and at-risk youth in Colorado, with a focus on proactive and preventative services. All recipient organizations have a Liberty Media employee who is actively engaged with the entity and acts as sponsor on its behalf.

Liberty Media actively promotes the values of giving and philanthropy among its employee base. Since its inception, the LibertyGives Foundation has contributed over $7 million to various recipient organizations. However, the reach of LibertyGives extends beyond these monetary contributions. Liberty Media employees are actively involved in the organizations for which they act as a sponsor, often through volunteer work and board representation, and this investment of time is often far more impactful than our investment of dollars. Additionally, Liberty Media offers all employees a 1:1 match on charitable contributions up to a limit of $10,000 per employee per year.

To be eligible for contributions from the LibertyGives Foundation, charities must:

If you meet the aforementioned criteria for a LibertyGives Foundation grant, please work with your Liberty Media contact to submit an application.

Grant proposals for 2021 are due June 25th.


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