Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Basis of Presentation

Basis of Presentation
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2024
Basis of Presentation  
Basis of Presentation

(1)   Basis of Presentation

The accompanying condensed consolidated financial statements include all the accounts of Liberty Media Corporation and its controlled subsidiaries ("Liberty," the "Company," "we," "us," or "our" unless the context otherwise requires). All significant intercompany accounts and transactions have been eliminated.

Liberty, through its ownership of interests in subsidiaries and other companies, is primarily engaged in the media and entertainment industries primarily in North America and the United Kingdom. Liberty’s most significant subsidiaries include Sirius XM Holdings Inc. ("Sirius XM Holdings") and Delta Topco Limited (the parent company of Formula 1). Our most significant investment accounted for under the equity method is Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. ("Live Nation").  

Braves Holdings, LLC ("Braves Holdings") was a subsidiary of the Company until the Split-Off (defined below) on July 18, 2023. Braves Holdings is not presented as a discontinued operation in the Company’s consolidated financial statements as the Split-Off did not represent a strategic shift that had a major effect on the Company’s operations and financial results.

The accompanying (a) condensed consolidated balance sheet as of December 31, 2023, which has been derived from audited financial statements, and (b) the interim unaudited condensed consolidated financial statements have been prepared in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles ("GAAP") for interim financial information and the instructions to Form 10-Q and Article 10 of Regulation S-X as promulgated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Accordingly, they do not include all of the information and footnotes required by GAAP for complete financial statements. In the opinion of management, all adjustments (consisting of normal recurring accruals) considered necessary for a fair presentation of the results for such periods have been included. The results of operations for any interim period are not necessarily indicative of results for the full year. Additionally, certain prior period amounts have been reclassified for comparability with current period presentation. These condensed consolidated financial statements should be read in conjunction with the consolidated financial statements and notes thereto contained in Liberty's Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2023.

The preparation of financial statements in conformity with GAAP requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the reported amounts of assets and liabilities at the date of the financial statements and the reported amounts of revenue and expenses during the reporting period. Actual results could differ from those estimates. The Company considers (i) fair value measurement of non-financial instruments, (ii) accounting for income taxes and (iii) the determination of the useful life of Sirius XM Holdings’ broadcast/transmission system to be its most significant estimates.

Liberty holds investments that are accounted for using the equity method. Liberty does not control the decision making process or business management practices of these affiliates. Accordingly, Liberty relies on management of these affiliates to provide it with accurate financial information prepared in accordance with GAAP that the Company uses in the application of the equity method. In addition, Liberty relies on audit reports that are provided by the affiliates' independent auditors on the financial statements of such affiliates. The Company is not aware, however, of any errors in or possible misstatements of the financial information provided by its equity affiliates that would have a material effect on Liberty's condensed consolidated financial statements.

On January 2, 2024, the Company purchased QuintEvents, LLC (“QuintEvents”) for total consideration of approximately $277 million, comprised of $205 million of cash, net of cash acquired of $66 million, and a $6 million settlement of a pre-existing condition. The Company recorded $235 million of goodwill, $113 million of intangible assets subject to amortization, net and $121 million of deferred revenue related to the acquisition. The acquisition price allocation is preliminary and subject to revision as of March 31, 2024.

On March 29, 2024, the Company agreed, subject to certain conditions, to acquire approximately 86% of the equity interests in Dorna Sports, S.L., for a purchase price of approximately €3.0 billion, to be funded with cash and shares of Series C Liberty Formula One common stock. 

Liberty has entered into certain agreements with Qurate Retail, Inc. (“Qurate Retail”), Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings, Inc. (“TripCo”), Liberty Broadband Corporation (“Liberty Broadband”) and Atlanta Braves Holdings, Inc. (“Atlanta Braves Holdings”), all of which are separate publicly traded companies, in order to govern relationships between the companies. None of these entities has any stock ownership, beneficial or otherwise, in any of the others. These agreements include Reorganization Agreements (in the case of Qurate Retail, Liberty Broadband and Atlanta Braves Holdings only), Services Agreements, Facilities Sharing Agreements, Tax Sharing Agreements (in the case of Liberty Broadband and Atlanta Braves Holdings only) and Aircraft Time Sharing Agreements. In addition, as a result of certain corporate transactions, Liberty and Qurate Retail may have obligations to each other for certain tax related matters.

The Reorganization Agreements provide for, among other things, provisions governing the relationships between Liberty and each of Qurate Retail, Liberty Broadband and Atlanta Braves Holdings, including certain cross-indemnities. Pursuant to the Services Agreements, Liberty provides Qurate Retail, TripCo, Liberty Broadband and Atlanta Braves Holdings with general and administrative services including legal, tax, accounting, treasury, information technology, cybersecurity and investor relations support. Qurate Retail, TripCo, Liberty Broadband and Atlanta Braves Holdings reimburse Liberty for direct, out-of-pocket expenses incurred by Liberty in providing these services and, in the case of Qurate Retail, Qurate Retail's allocable portion of costs associated with any shared services or personnel based on an estimated percentage of time spent providing services to Qurate Retail. TripCo, Liberty Broadband and Atlanta Braves Holdings reimburse Liberty for shared services and personnel based on a flat fee. Under the Facilities Sharing Agreements, Liberty shares office space and related amenities at its corporate headquarters with Qurate Retail, TripCo, Liberty Broadband and Atlanta Braves Holdings. Under these various agreements, approximately $6 million and $4 million were reimbursed to Liberty during the three months ended March 31, 2024 and 2023, respectively.

In connection with Liberty’s employment arrangement with Gregory B. Maffei, Liberty’s President and Chief Executive Officer, pursuant to the Services Agreements between Liberty and each of TripCo, Liberty Broadband, Qurate Retail and Atlanta Braves Holdings (collectively, the “Service Companies”), components of Mr. Maffei's compensation are either paid directly to him by each Service Company or reimbursed to Liberty, in each case, based on allocations among Liberty and the Service Companies set forth in the respective services agreement, which are subject to adjustment on an annual basis and upon the occurrence of certain events.


Formula 1 recognizes the majority of its revenue and expenses in connection with World Championship race events (“Events”) that take place in different countries around the world throughout the year. The Events in the past have generally taken place between March and December each year. As a result, the revenue and expenses recognized by Formula 1 are generally lower during the first quarter as compared to the rest of the quarters throughout the year.

QuintEvents’ revenue is seasonal around its largest events, which are generally during the second and fourth quarters.

Braves Holdings revenue was seasonal, for the periods included herein, with the majority of revenue recognized during the second and third quarters which aligns with the baseball season.