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Sirius XM Transactions

Sirius XM Transactions
12 Months Ended
Dec. 31, 2014
Sirius XM Transactions [Abstract]  
Sirius XM Radio, Inc. Transactions

(3)   Sirius XM Radio, Inc. Transactions


On January 18, 2013, Liberty settled a block transaction with a financial institution taking possession of an additional 50 million shares of SIRIUS XM as well as converting its remaining SIRIUS XM Convertible Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series B-1, par value $0.001 per share, into 1,293,509,076 shares of SIRIUS XM Common Stock.  As a result of these two transactions Liberty holds more than 50% of the capital stock of SIRIUS XM and is entitled to vote on any matter, including the election of directors.  Following the transactions, Liberty designated and SIRIUS XM's board of directors appointed certain directors to SIRIUS XM's board of directors and Liberty effectively controls the board as of January 18, 2013.  This resulted in the application of purchase accounting and the consolidation of SIRIUS XM in the first quarter of 2013.  Liberty recorded a gain of approximately $7.5 billion in the first quarter of 2013 associated with application of purchase accounting based on the difference between fair value and the carrying value of the ownership interest Liberty had in SIRIUS XM prior to the acquisition of the controlling interest. The gain on the transaction was excluded from taxable income. Additionally, the difference between the book basis and tax basis of SIRIUS XM, as previously accounted for under the equity method, was relieved as a result of the transaction. The fair value of our ownership interest previously held ($10,215 million) and the fair value of the initial noncontrolling interest ($10,286 million) was determined based on the trading price (level 1) of SIRIUS XM on the last trading day prior to the acquisition of the controlling interest. Additionally, the noncontrolling interest includes the fair value of SIRIUS XM's fully vested options (level 2), the fair value of warrants outstanding (level 2) and the intrinsic value of a beneficial conversion feature accounted for in purchase accounting. Following the transaction date SIRIUS XM is a consolidated subsidiary with just less than a 50% noncontrolling interest accounted for in equity and the consolidated statements of operations. Effective November 15, 2013, SIRIUS XM completed a corporate reorganization whereby SIRIUS XM Holdings Inc. replaced Sirius XM Radio Inc. as its publicly held corporation, and Sirius XM Radio Inc. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of SIRIUS XM Holdings Inc. and has no operations independent of its subsidiary SIRIUS XM Radio Inc.


The final purchase price allocation for SIRIUS XM is as follows (amounts in millions):







Fair value of SIRIUS XM equity interests





Fair value of SIRIUS XM debt securities





Noncontrolling interest















Cash and cash equivalents










Property, plant and equipment










FCC Licenses










Intangible assets subject to amortization





Other assets










Deferred revenue





Deferred income tax liabilities, net





Other liabilities assumed











Goodwill is calculated as the excess of the consideration transferred over the identifiable net assets acquired and represents the future economic benefits expected to arise from other intangible assets acquired that do not qualify for separate recognition, including assembled workforce and noncontractual relationships. SIRIUS XM applied purchase accounting for the acquisition of XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. in 2008 and has entered into many of its operating agreements at market rates in recent years, therefore, the carrying value of the identifiable assets were reflected at amounts near their fair value in SIRIUS XM's financial statements. Accordingly, a large percentage of Liberty's purchase price was allocated to FCC licenses and goodwill. During the year ended December 31, 2013, Liberty adjusted the initial purchase price allocation for SIRIUS XM by recording a decrease to the initial deferred tax liability and an offsetting decrease to goodwill of $227 million. The adjustment was due to the identification of tax attributes not included in SIRIUS XM's deferred tax assets from excess stock-based compensation deductions. Additionally, during the year ended December 31, 2013, Liberty adjusted the carrying value of certain contract fair values that resulted in a change to the initial purchase price allocation to SIRIUS XM goodwill of $18 million. This change resulted in a change to the recognition of the contract value through the statements of operations in prior periods and has been reflected retroactively in the appropriate periods. These adjustments are reflected in Liberty's final SIRIUS XM purchase price allocation table above.


The Pro Forma summarized combined unaudited statement of operations of Liberty using the historical financial statements for SIRIUS XM, giving effect to any purchase accounting related adjustments made at the time of acquisition and excluding the impact of the gain, as if the transactions discussed above occurred on January 1, 2011, is as follows:










Year ended 
December 31, 2012




amounts in millions











Operating income (loss)





Interest expense





Share of earnings (loss) of affiliates





Less earnings (loss) attributable to the noncontrolling interests





Net Earnings (loss) from continuing operations attributable to Liberty stockholders










Pro Forma basic net earnings (loss) from continuing operations attributable to Liberty stockholders per common share (note 2)










Pro Forma diluted net earnings (loss) from continuing operations attributable to Liberty stockholders per common share (note 2)






This Pro Forma information is not representative of Liberty's future financial position, future results of operations or future cash flows nor does it reflect what Liberty's financial position, results of operations or cash flows would have been as if this transaction happened previously and Liberty controlled this entity during the periods presented.


On October 9, 2013, Liberty entered into a share repurchase agreement with SIRIUS XM pursuant to which SIRIUS XM agreed to acquire 136,600,826 SIRIUS XM shares for $500 million, in three separate tranches between the fourth quarter of 2013 and second quarter of 2014, at a price of $3.6603 per share (which was based on a 1.5% discount to the average of the daily volume weighted average price (VWAP) per share of SIRIUS XM common stock over a period of ten days beginning on the third trading day following the date of the public release of SIRIUS XM's third quarter 2013 earnings subject to a cap on the average VWAP of $4.18 and a floor on the average VWAP of $3.64). The repurchase of shares approximated 2% of the outstanding shares of SIRIUS XM on an as adjusted basis as the shares were retired at the SIRIUS XM level. The first tranche of shares in the amount of 43,712,265 was repurchased on November 14, 2013. The final two tranches were settled on April 25, 2014 for total proceeds of $340 million.  The retirement of SIRIUS XM shares on a consolidated basis did not significantly impact the consolidated results as it only required an adjustment to noncontrolling interest as the shares were repurchased and retired. Liberty continues to maintain a controlling interest in SIRIUS XM following the completion of the share repurchases.


On November 4, 2013, SIRIUS XM announced the completion of the acquisition of Agero, Inc. ("Agero"), pursuant to a stock purchase agreement in which SIRIUS XM agreed to acquire the connected vehicle business of Agero for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $525 million, net of cash acquired. Agero's connected vehicle business is a leader in implementing the next generation of connected vehicle services. The business offers a portfolio of location-based services through two-way wireless connectivity, including safety, security, convenience, maintenance and data services and remote vehicle diagnostics. The excess purchase price over identifiable net tangible assets of $390 million has been recorded to Goodwill in our consolidated balance sheets as of December 31, 2013. A total of $247 million was allocated to identifiable intangible assets subject to amortization  related to the assessed fair value of the acquired OEM relationships and proprietary software and is being amortized over the estimated weighted average useful lives of 15 and 10 years, respectively. Pro forma financial information related to this acquisition has not been provided as it is not material to our consolidated results of operations.


In May 2014, SIRIUS XM entered into an accelerated share repurchase agreement ("May ASR agreement") with a third-party financial institution to repurchase up to $600 million of its common stock.  Under the May ASR agreement SIRIUS XM prepaid $600 million to a financial institution and received an initial delivery of 112,500,000 shares of its common stock and final delivery, during August 2014, of 39,346,125 shares of its common stock.  Approximately $94 million of the prepaid May ASR Agreement was returned upon the final settlement.  In August 2014, SIRIUS XM entered into another accelerated share repurchase agreement (“August ASR Agreement” and together with the May ASR Agreement, the “ASR Agreements”) to repurchase up to $250 million of its common stock.  Under the August ASR Agreement SIRIUS XM prepaid $250 million and received 51,884,795 shares of its common stock prior to September 30, 2014 which were retired upon receipt.  The August ASR Agreement settled in October 2014 and SIRIUS XM retired an additional 19,431,708 shares of its common stock. As of December 31, 2014, we owned approximately 56% of the outstanding equity interest in SIRIUS XM.