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Today’s news cycle converges digital and traditional media like never before. Speed has increasingly supplanted depth. Opportunities for comprehensive analyses of today’s most important issues are harder and harder to find. The Media for Liberty Award, presented by the Liberty Media Corporation, seeks to honor journalism that cuts against the grain, forging a new narrative on the intersection of liberty, freedom, capitalism, and business. Notably, Liberty Media welcomes diverse and contrary perspectives and does not look for homogeneity with our views. Instead, we value intelligence, critical thinking, and thoughtful opinions.

The Media for Liberty award is presented at a reception attended by industry leaders, elected officials, influencers, and interested persons. The event brings together the best and brightest in their fields to express their admiration for the honoree and to join in a ceremony that celebrates the finest the world of media has to offer.

In the past, the Media for Liberty Award has been presented to several individuals and organizations who have used journalism to shine a light on untold or misunderstood stories. Sometimes controversial, but always impactful, the works represented are at the pinnacle of innovation and courageousness in journalism.

Past Honorees

Susan Page, Author, Washington Bureau chief

Scott Galloway, Author, Commentator and Professor

Masha Gessen for "The Wrath of Putin" in Vanity Fair

Vince Beiser for "The Deluge" in Pacific Standard

MediaStorm for A Darkness Visible: Afghanistan by Seamus Murphy

Don Peck for “How a New Jobless Era will Transform America” in The Atlantic

CBS for "Congo Gold” by 60 Minutes

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