Environmental Stewardship

Liberty Media recognizes climate change and adverse impacts on the natural world are among the most pressing challenges facing humanity today. Environmental sustainability has implications for markets, and our investors. Moreover, how we manage our environmental impact matters to our employees, our customers, our business partners, and our other stakeholders.

Across our portfolio of businesses, we are taking environmental action in partnership with our employees, customers, and business partners. As part of these actions, we are focused on those issues that matter to the long-term value of the individual businesses, including the transition and physical risks associated with climate change, our portfolio companies’ energy management, and our portfolio companies’ waste management.

Liberty Climate Initiative

We are committed to supporting our portfolio companies on their paths towards a fully sustainable and low carbon future.

At Liberty Media, we are committed to:

  • Carbon neutral on scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 at corporate level
  • Ensuring all portfolio companies publicly report on carbon footprints
  • Encouraging portfolio companies toward emission reductions and low carbon strategy

Liberty will provide support for our portfolio companies through:

  • Co-investment opportunities in large scale power purchase agreements and other green energy investments
  • Annual Sustainability summit for best practices sharing across all portfolio companies
  • Support with carbon footprinting and potential emission reduction opportunities

Our Carbon Footprint

At Liberty, we have a responsibility to reduce the impact our operations have on the planet, and particularly our carbon footprint. This begins with measuring and reducing Liberty Media’s own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, to both minimize our impact and set an example for our portfolio companies. Below are Liberty Media’s Scopes 1 & 2 emissions for 2021 and 2022.

Carbon Footprint Chart

Liberty’s 2022 scopes 1 & 2 carbon footprint was estimated to be 3,187 metric tons carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). Our buildings emit .008 tons of CO2e per square foot, which is in line with the average emissions for LEED-certified buildings.

*Liberty Media owns a small space in a third building, but this space is outside our operational boundary and has been excluded; we estimate this space to be less than 2% of our building emissions.

Environmental Stewardship in Action

Formula One Group Logo

F1 continues to lead the way in creating a sustainable sport for fans around the world to enjoy, using innovative technology & adapting the way the sport operates. F1 demonstrates its commitment through its march towards a series of key goals.

Sustainable Fuels
Net Zero
Motorsports helmet
Zero Waste
Reduced Footprint
F1 2023 Impact Report Learn More Here View ESG Briefing Note
LiveNation Logo

Through its Green Nation Touring Program, Live Nation helps artists adopt and scale sustainable touring practices that prioritize people and the planet. The Program expands on Live Nation’s Green Nation sustainability charter, which focuses on Climate Action and decarbonization of venue energy & transportation; Protection and regeneration of nature through responsible sourcing and consumption practices; as well as Community Engagement across artists, fans, employees, sponsors, vendors, and local communities.

Learn More Here
Liberty Group - Sirius Logo

In an effort to help preserve the environment for present and future generations, SiriusXM is committed to protecting natural resources, establishing business practices that comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and evaluating action to minimize or eliminate any negative environmental impacts from its business activities.

SiriusXM has established a Supplier Code of Conduct that, among other Human Rights related requirements and expectations, sets forth its requirement that suppliers comply with or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations. SiriusXM seeks to improve its products and services for its customers while being efficient and conscious of the environment.  Accordingly, in recent years SiriusXM has undertaken many efforts to improve the environmental impact of its operations.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Broader
Liberty Family of Companies

Liberty Media has overlapping management with Atlanta Braves Holdings, Inc., Qurate Retail, Inc., Liberty Broadband Corporation, and Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings, Inc. Through these relationships, sharing best practices and learnings, and leveraging our collective scale, we – and they – can further advance our respective sustainability and stewardship missions.

Charter Communications Logo

Liberty supports Charter Communications in its goal to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by 2035. Its 2020 ESG Report includes additional details on its journey to carbon neutrality, including disclosure aligned with frameworks issued by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Learn More Here
Qurate Retail Logo

Qurate Retail Group prioritizes its environmental impacts in three key areas: energy conservation, waste minimization, and emissions reduction. To conserve energy, the company has been retrofitting lighting fixtures with LED lighting, installing smart systems to better monitor and control heating, ventilation, and cooling systems, and adding solar panels to select facilities. To minimize waste, the company has active campaigns to curb single-use plastic, reduce paper printing, recycle shipping materials, and donate unsold products to charity. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the company is collaborating with inbound/outbound shipping and logistics partners to share more data used in optimizing transport modes and fuel usage.

Energy Efficient Operations
Energy-Efficient & Waste-Smart Operations
Sustainable Packaging
Sustainable Packaging
Shipping & Logistics
Shipping & Logistics
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Liberation TripAdvisor Holdings

Liberty supports Tripadvisor in its various initiatives to help make a positive impact on the future of travel, including its involvement with Travalyst, a non-profit organization led by the Duke of Sussex to help bring about the systemic changes needed for sustainable travel to be taken out of the niche, and into the mainstream.

Animal Welfare
Animal Welfare
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